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Story Telling

Story Telling

When I had my little girl
I told her many stories every night
To go to sleep she needs to listen
Stories, as the days go pass by
She likes to hear more stories.
I handed over the story telling
To my husband to take on

He started telling the stories
He told all the mythological stories
He told all the historical stories
He told the panchatantra stories
My little one needs more stories

We started telling imaginative stories
Every day create new stories
One day I heard her cry and I
Asked why is she sobbing
The little one told me that dad
did not end the story by telling
"They got married and lived happily ever after"

We started telling the stories again
All the stories will end with the same alliance
We laughed about it all the time
And we warned everyone who tells the story
Should complete with this alliance
Otherwise we will hear the snivelling

My little girl is a grown up girl now
She become a smart matured lady
She has a daughter now and she tell
Stories to her daughter every night and
She ends it with the same alliance.


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