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 Hypocrites in the Church

Yes, there are hypocrites in the church
We can criticize them a little too much
Without a clear definition of hypocrite
It reflects the way people will interpret

Hypocrites claim or really are Christians
Words or actions do not match profession
Some pretend, but have not truly believed
For whatever reason, they try to deceive

Hurt feelings can result from accusations
Christians are to be above condemnation
By praying first before we say anything
It will often prevent us from over-reacting

Only God knows what is inside each heart
We are responsible for actions on our part
Christians are saved by His mercy and grace
Called to encourage others through life's race

Only Jesus lived perfectly what He preached
By God's standards to everyone He reached
Jesus alone qualified to die and pay the cost
Without sin, He took our place on the cross

Pastors and elders are models, as we deem
Reflecting godly character, clear to be seen
Sometimes we place too high expectations
Not realizing they still have imperfections

All Christians make mistakes and fall short
Many without label of hypocrite of any sort
They genuinely seek to live for Him alone
By the Holy Spirit, not effort of their own

Some people want nothing to do with church
In fear of being offended and hurt too much
God created us with the need for fellowship
Unite together to give, pray, serve and worship

Focusing on Christ and who He wants us to be
There will be times we will not always agree
When we demonstrate love and accept others
We can look beyond the faults of one another

Carol Salter 10/9/09

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