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 To Ride The Unicorn - poems about life - by pegesus unicorn      202738 Poems Read

Beware Changeling - part III

the changeling walked upon the earth always alert to his surroundings
knowing somewhere lurked the evil one seeking another prey to have
the changeling was a magical creature apprenticed to the wise good lady
beware changeling danger seeks you out

it was up to the changeling to assure that the balance always stayed intact
keeping his eyes ears and senses open to any change in the atmosphere
it was his senses that alerted him first he felt the change and rapidly reacted
beware changeling danger seeks you out

rushing into hiding he changed shapes to confuse his adversaries awareness
the wolf had always been feared as an evil one but it was only a tool for the good
it traveled freely with no fear the changeling was now in control of his surroundings
beware changeling danger seeks you out

the wolf traveled within the evil ones territory its realm of terror it could see much
the changeling felt the evil permeate through his body but keeping strong in his ways
he feels what evil feels the power within the evil ways within the evil essence
beware changeling danger seeks you out

the changeling is enraptured by his new found power the will felt over others around
he draws the evil feeling within his very being he grows with it he studies its affect
he has become the very evil he has sought for so long he has succeeded in his goal
beware changeling danger seeks you out

as the wolf he lets out a howl of warning his snarls and vicious ways keeps others away
he slinks within their midst threatening as he circles them they become leary of his ways
pulling back to give him room he lunges then retreats into the dark dense forest
beware changeling danger seeks you out


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