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 To Ride The Unicorn - poems about life - by pegesus unicorn      205725 Poems Read

Beware of Troubling Times - part IV

seeking his hideaway he changes into himself once more the message clear
with the transformation complete the changeling leaves the evil ones domain
his mission a successful one he returns to his mistress in the realm of the good
beware of troubling times

the good lady anxiously awaits for her changeling to return fearing for his safety
she must know the evil she has to fight improve her arts meet the demands on her
the changeling approaches she feels the evil he posses as he nears her fear increases
beware of troubling times

the changeling reaches the tower heads for the good lady feeling the evil inside him
i have returned full of evil do not approach only observe he declares she waits and watches  
he changes to many evil shapes showing their powers for her to see and study
beware of troubling times

the good lady felt fear as she watched him then she raised her staff chanting her magic
placing a shield around the changeling to contain the evil while he rid himself of them  
she knew now what she must do the knowledge she had searched for was hers to use
beware of troubling times

coming to her side they stood staring out the window each with their own thoughts
he kept feeling the strengt that exuded wondering if they could mathc their adversaries
she kept seeing her realm and children lost to her then her resolve that she would fight
beware of troubling times

knowing now the scale had been tipped she would have to seek out more power holders
did she have enough allies to ward them off would they put aside their fears come to her aid
she could only hope they would understand the grave situation they were now in siege was eminent
beware of troubling times

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