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Who is Like the Lord?

Who is like the Lord and the powerful echo of his word which still holds the universe together?
Who turns the shadow of darkness into the a shining light of brightness
   and the treachery of hell into the paradise of heaven,
Who gives me a pillow of comfort in a land of distress
If I should cry let my tears be tears of joy for I know this furnace shall cease
   and his gentle breath shall revive these my bones alive
For my heart can only be merry in these uncertain times
   because he walks with me hand and hand
He's in every teardrop that falls from my eyes
He only sits upon the throne of the heart of those who wants him there
For he has personally planted his treasure in my heart
There is no light, no darkness, no power, no might that can overthrow his word
His glory speaks of things unthinkable to man
His mercy flood the cries in my eyes
When wisdom come forth to speak it springs forward with gladness like a ever
   ready worker with power and might
Even if darkness shall overtake the sunlight his word shall cut a pathway for my
   feet to walk there in
He makes the darkness pass by like a quick moving storm so he can show me the fat
   of the land
Who is like the Lord?

Copyrights 2009
Robert Anthony James

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Who is Like the Lord?