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My body is not the spirit
I the spirit dwell in this body
I am the master of this body

My body is made up off physical matters
When I leave the body, it becomes perishable.
Then I take another body because I am eternal.

Why do we call ourselves human being?
Because we are consists of two entities.
One is the human entity and the other is the being
Human is the physical form and
The spirit is the metaphysical form.

Hence we switch from soul to body conscious.
When we are in the soul conscious state
We are happy, peace, love and truth.
When we are in the body conscious state
We have anger, fear, and ego. greed, laziness
Lust and attachment thus leads to unhappiness

How can we overcome this unhappiness?
By remaining soul conscious stage
How can we remain soul conscious?
By keeping the company of God and remembering him

Consider ourselves as a soul and
Every one else as our brother and sister
Try it out with meditation and our life will change.
Into a more peaceful and happier one.

Adikaran  08/08/09