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 WHEN THE DAY IS DONE(Rhyming Couplets)


~When The Day Is Done~
(Rhyming Couplets)

Tell me what do you really have to lose when
You come and accept in your heart,God's son?
Don't you think that this is much better, than burning
In hell, that place so much hotter than the very sun?
Life can offer us so much more than we can handle
It in soo many unfortunate moments of our life
Sometimes we can't see things clear and that's when
W can make more mistakes and find in our way more pain and strife.
It seems there are so many choices in our life,
And more things to choose from all the time, everyday
So be watchful and choose everything very carefully,
As you find sometimes your own way.
Every day the sun raises high, but sometimes
The sun hides and heavily falls only rain
In every blade of grass dews shine and in every
Roses petals love awakes and hopes then reigns.
Time passes painfully slow sometimes,time watches
And never ever stops for you me or anyone.
Reflections of bygone days are great, when people
And times were a lot kinder than what we have today.
Life is good and bad too, do you want it more good than bad,
Well,that's the choice you have to opt for.
Make it right!Make it worthwhile!
Why don't you give something instead of taking for
A change, give a word of encouragement give away your smile.
Life wasn't ever meant to be just fine and see love and
Smiles on everybody's hearts, eyes and face
The world is not just like that in real life, and our life
Is not even balanced most of the time, any place
People everywhere just grab and take all them can
But there's still hope,even when most people seem not to care
And as I look at the glow fading fast thru my window,
Clouds with their arms high,
Gather up lovingly,all the remmnants,of the days glare!

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000

October 16,2009

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