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 My Kind of Sunshine

When cold are we and time has come
To say goodbye to precious one
Who warmed my heart and made me smile
Kisses I'll steal and hug awhile

Innocence  clings in arms
A little weaker but brings me calm
To relish, hold, the best moments
Of life in me, we'll go content

She is the alphabets in my soup
That spell and bring the needed troop
That saves the day when all is lost
With laughter hers, she is the boss

Sitting on lap, I'll see real close
What means to us, what means the most
Nia, grand daughter who brings us joy
Today, always, holding her toys

No girl, or friend upon Gods Earth
Will supersede all she is worth
To frail yet young old man at heart
Who shares kisses with my sweetheart

Dedicated to Xania, my girl

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