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 High Voltage Living

Kids are taught from an early age
To stay away from high voltage
Curiosity leads them to find out
Electric shock settles any doubt

My mom said she hid a thimble
In an outlet and felt a sharp tingle
Our dog, with fan going on the floor
Chewed the cord, lived for years more

Just as we are warned what not to do
Life is about values and character too
We learn from our parents or at school
Each job requires having the right tool

In geometry, a compass draws circles
Protractor helps create various angles
Writers look up words in a dictionary
To express thoughts more adequately

Believers in Jesus have the Holy Spirit
By our faith, His power we now inherit
Abundant life for all is what God intends
When we choose on His Spirit to depend

High voltage living is Spirit energized
Risk taking is the way it is characterized
Take steps of faith out of our comfort zone
Despite the fears we face of the unknown

Some say the Holy Spirit is an active force
Yet they miss the truth behind the source
Jesus promised to send another Counselor
Not visible, but qualities like Him as Savior

All equally God, as Father, Spirit, and Son
Together they form One Person, three in One
Our human minds cannot begin to understand
But the Bible declares it to be true, by His plan

False religions with their own version of the Bible
Say Jesus was a man, not God, and are not reliable
They use other books as support to their teaching
So it makes more sense to those they are reaching

John 14:16 (NIV)
And I will ask the Father, and he will give you
another Counselor to be with you forever.

Carol Salter 10/19/09

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