Long live this funny zoo

Long live this funny zoo

The zoo was pretty and had many cages,
In some cages there were two animals,
In some cages, one animal tearfully roamed,
There were cages were several of them were packed.
All these animals had very white hairs,
They had sunken chins and not so soft skins,
The eyes of most of them were moist always,
Their eyes were also staring at a far off point,
There was great expectation in them,
Expectation of  some visitor dear to them,
Or even an expectation of sudden painless death.

The visitors to this funny zoos were only few,
They came once in a while either on week ends,
Or annual vacations from a far off land,
They never bothered to see all animals,
But went to a single cage and smiled,
A smile that was not honest nor happy,
Strangely some visitors brought gifts,
To these lonely animals that were old,.
But one thing was sure and certain,
These visitors were in a hurry to leave.
They fled from these zoos as if it is poison.
For the animals in those dreary zoos,
Were animals that fed them breast milk ,
When they were hungry and when they cried..”
These were the animals that worked till it hurt,
So that these visitors went to a good school,
These were the animals which loved and fed them,
And did not take food when this visitor was hungry.

That evening was great for the animal who had a visitor,
For in the dreary dinner table with plates in their hand,
With unwholesome and unloved food , they bragged,
“You know he visited me and brought me a camera,
An old laptop and an unused cell phone,”
An animal in another cage laughed and asked,
“Are they going to bury them along with you?”

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Long live this funny zoo

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