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We are al Mujahideen,
We have the guarantee of victory or paradise,
Lethal from our heads down to our feet,
We never cease to struggle,
We know not of defeat,
We are the weapons of Allah,
We stand ready to destroy the leaders of Taughoot,
This our main objective,
To destroy them at their root,
Regardless of situation,
Never to unbelief do we submit,
We seek not personal pleasure, safety, profit or worldly gain,
We do nothing to tarnish or bring disgrace upon our Muslim name,
We use every lawful means to accomplish our goals,
We gladly give up our lives,
Allah is the owner of all souls,
In the line of duty,
Struggling to preserve Allah's Din,
We are guardians of shariah,
We are Mujahideen.
Habib Abu Lateef

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