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 Reflections of My Heart

For My Country~Where I Stand  ღ KKD ღ

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For My Country

Where I Stand

U S A ...

Once stood as the strongest three letters in the world
but each day I see them crumble piece by piece
Im probably going to offend some with this
I usually do with my patriotic writes but
before you blast me examine your reasons why
and if what I have said applies dont blast me, blast you
for sitting back and doing nothing to try to make a difference.
You dont have to agree with me, but you do need to speak
your beliefs and make a difference.

Our Precious Protectors

I humbly fall before you with thanks
for your daily sacrifices and that of your
friends and family awaiting your safe return home.
For those who have gone before you and their families
I thank you for the freedoms I know today
It pains me so when those who have
never walked in your boots
sit back and voice support of our troops
but not the job you do.
I just dont understand how they can
support you and not what you risk everyday...
volunteered for ... and in some cases,
too many cases, yes even die for.
War is tragic... War is expensive... but has been
necessary since the beginning of time.

Our Leaders
Past and Present

The Unity of this country is your responsibility
How can you expect the citizens of this county
to show unity when you can not become united yourselves
I will say right up front I did not vote for our
current President
Let me make one thing perfectly clear right now
It was based on I knew NOTHING about this
man prior to his entering the Presidential Race.
Those of you that can not say your decision
was not based on race,
regardless if it be for or against
I say
To place such an important decision
on the color of a persons skin shows
me just how regressed this country really is
that it has not been able to rise above
the actions of hundreds of years ago
All candidate's promises are just words
of what they think you want to hear.
Now past track record is what you can
depend upon. And with all due respect
Mr. Obama you did not have one.
I feel, regardless of our personal preferences,
we all MUST stand behind our President
and here it is almost a year later and I still
daily struggle to do just that.

My Country

In spite of all of our short comings right now,
I do still believe this is the greatest country in the world
We just need to become united
To give a helping hand to every brother and sister
regardless of race, religious belief or sexual orientation.
To realize, weather or not you believe,
That it is time we invited Him back.
I love my country, but I fear it is becoming a county
of people who came here illegally. That what was
once my right and privilege as a citizen is being
stripped and given away. I have no objection
to people from other countries coming to my beautiful
America, but they must come with the realization
that it is my country.
That here we pay taxes
We respect our flag and laws
We respect the religious beliefs of others
I dont know of any other non English speaking
country that would make the provisions for
those who choose to go there as we have for
those who have come here
and the most important must be remembered

Our Heritage


Please Understand I fly the above
NOT out of HATE but of HERITAGE
To abolish would be to try to re write history
History is fact. History is what made us what
we are today. If you want to abolish something
Abolish the hate that is still in hearts of many today
We had many fight and die under this flag as well,
right or wrong, for what they believed in.
Let this stand as crossed flags of unity ...
not opposition
Let it serve as a learning of mistakes
so that they are NEVER repeated.
Let us bury the hate

If you judge me for fly'n this flag
then you are the one with the problem

In closing I offer this prayer

My Heavenly Father
I come to You today on bended knee
asking that You lay Your loving hand upon
the hearts of this county in an effort to heal
and unite it's citizens and non-citizens.
To guide us along the path
that You would have us walk
To aid our leaders in their decisions and
to take the first step in unity in our precious America
Keep safe our precious protectors, guide them
and our leaders in their mission and
bring them home soon with job completed
Comfort those families that have made
the ultimate sacrifice for this country
and will have that oh so painful empty chair
at their Thanksgiving table.

In Your Precious Name I Pray

Original by
Donna DeLong Matthews
Because I Love Her So
October 2009
ღ KKD ღ
The Right Brothers
For My Country

2009 Donna DeLong Matthews
 (All rights reserved)

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