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Morphing into whatever shape desired to deceive;
The transformer sucks the life from those who believe.
Appearing to be someone benign, a gentle soul;
Slyly luring us closer with his song, one that he stole.

Attempting to force a stray from the flock is his aim;
Creating division and unforgiveness is his old game.
Using those around us, they are unaware of his plot;
Hoping his disguise will hide him so he won't be caught.

Avoiding the brilliant light, creating the shadows to hide;
Silver and gold are his words, you never knew that he lied.
The transformer is a thief, you must look beyond the flesh;
See with eyes of love and gentleness, eyes that are fresh.

This wolf in sheep's clothing slinks about hiding in the flock;
He always has a deadline, he is always watching the clock.
I see the reality of this wolf, no longer does he have any fangs;
Fooled me once, you ole devil, as I go through my birth pangs.

Wisdom shows his hiding places, his lies are revealed as shams;
Our Lord doesn't desire to loose a single one of His lambs.
Keep your eyes on the light, on His word, and His precious gift;
Protecting you from the transformer, He will not let you drift.


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