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 Distant Voice

When I get real still and listen, the southerly wind brings,
The faint sound of a distant voice; I hear her as she sings.
Remembering the joy that this voice brought me when near;
She is a friend, more like family; to my heart she is so dear.

Clearly, I can still hear her as I sit quietly in my easy chair;
Melodic and sweet, pure and loving, I know she does care.
Yet life has made a gap, a gulf between us of space and time;
For a moment our souls intermingled, it was ever so sublime.

Two ships that pass, sparking a flame of power and passion;
Then replaced by the more everlasting emotion of compassion.
Building a bridge from the buried land of the dead to our soul;
We each speak now with distant voice, but we now know our role.

We had our moment in the sun where the universe does collide;
Moving on our own ways, but forever changed from deep inside.
Sweet is the wind bringing me the sound of her distant voice;
Destiny brought us together for a purpose, it was not our choice.

We will never have silence between our hearts, our communion is true;
Never will our souls be separated, never will we have to say adieu.
For in the realm of the soul, time and distance doesn't really matter;
The sound of your distant voice will always make my loneliness scatter.


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