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 Fence Sitting

Use caution so as not to offend
I am balanced here on this fence with stillness
Years of practice
Though motionless, I look for the power
But there is none
Fence sitting leaves me weak, without a voice
If I desire to make an impact from within my time
I must decide
Then climb down off that precarious perch into the fray
For I cannot facilitate any change in this world while simply sitting
Decide where my heart is
I must follow
Standing boldly
Without fear of the separation my beliefs may create
It was more peaceful on that fence
Yes, but death is peaceful also
Now my lot has been cast as I throw down the gauntlet
I lend my voice to a cause
Power surges
Raw potentiality
Reason has not been cast out the window as I can be reached
My heart is not hardened to your logic
Convince me and I will align myself with you
A bolt of lightning strikes within my soul
I am on fire
Power surges
Raw potentiality
Stand boldly
How could I have sat there so long on that fence?
Life there was so dead


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