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                                      True Enemy

I am whole, but some parts feel lost. In seeking truth, I discover truth is
already within me. Days come and go life surely can take it's toll. Many
times brought down to my knees with my head in my hands as I weep.

I have been here before it is all to familiar, deaf, dumb and blind walking in
my sleep. This condition can last only so long before everything in my life
goes wrong, where the road becomes too arduous and mountains too steep.
I stand stripped naked before God, holding my head down too ashamed to look
up, believing I had no worth. I'm cold my body aches and trembles. Suddenly
my tears are gently wiped from my face. I begin to feel warmth and embraced.

I gaze down at my world below me It's hard to imagine just how much judgment
and punishment has taken loves place, never allowing one a clean slate. The
fear and betrayal attempting to rob what little good is left and leaving no trace

Ah, such folly is that of man, for trying to convince themselves it is they
who are God. As they rape and devour anything in sight. With eyes and hearts
as cold as dead night having no compassion for causing so many plights.

We feel broken as we take in the lies,  become victims of our political
systems and kill in the name of religion. Hopelessness seems to be the
theme these day's, easy prey and we'll be damned if we choose in it to stay.

It feels as though we are running out of time, Why do we lie to ourselfs every
thing is fine? now more then ever realize whats happening in our own life
is our responsibility. Our true enemy is what we hold inside and deny.

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True Enemy



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