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Same old game,
The Provocateur,
The snitch,
The setup and frame,
Handcuff us,
Bust us,
Courtrooms no justice,
Judge, a ring master
Jury of clowns
Verdict a disaster,
No justice to be found,
A Circus of a court,
Never will you get me to bow down,
You'll never get the chance to sentence me to die,
No moonbeams, no sunshine, no sky...
Buried alive in a Supermax dungeon,
Left to die…
No lie,
It ain't no way to live,
We are all gonna die,
I'll choose the time and place,
Like Dynamite, C-4 and Nitro,
Push the lone Gun man until he goes psycho,
Dressed with twin nines,
Heckler and Koch,
AR-15 loaded and locked,
Cocked and ready to rock,
Rather die on my feet than
To live on my knees,
If captured, never to be free …
That's the truth,
Ain't no lie,
I ain't bowing to the FBi,
No CO's, jail cells, hospitals or nurses,
I'll go out on my feet ,
I ain't just a rhyme sayer spit'n verses…
And I don't take kindly to profanity and curses,
Bodies from both sides are gonna drop,
Cash in your insurance policies,
Take up a collection and open your purses,
Better Call in the undertaker,
Tell him to bring in
A Fleet of hearses

Abu Lateef

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