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 Missing You   (version 1)

Sherrie, we live in the same home day after day;
Our lives have been absorbed in our family way.
Unable to see the tree of our love for the forest;
Time without a handle, we live busy and stressed.

My  wish is to simply hold you in my arms tonight;
Come over real close to me, I promise I won't bite.
Snuggling tight like when we were young lovers;
Climbing into the bed, then pulling up the covers.

Romance is not dead, just simply caged up by time;
Nestled in next to your neck, not needing a prime.
Relaxation explodes from our souls as we hug tight;
Rocking you as you lay next to me all through the night.

Finally,  we share a day off, it has been so long coming;
The embers of passion is stirred, our motors humming.
A spark arcs across the night sky as the fire is stirred;
I was missing you, now gone with only a smile and a word.


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