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 Path of My Feet

Waxing philosophic this morning, I become thoughtful;
Examining my progress, my future, and my life's course.
I look down and see the narrow, rocky path of my feet;
And I wonder silently, asking if I am where I am to be today.

Quiet I become, listening to the resonation of my very soul;
Gentle impressions encompass me, my soul embraces me.
Love of a higher nature fills me as I continue to climb this path;
Tears fill my eyes; tears of disappointment, but also of love.

A big bolder sits beside the path of my feet just up ahead;
I sit down for a moment and gather my bearings, treat my wounds.
Looking up into the blue sky I see fluffy clouds pass and I relax;
My breath becomes deep and slow, my heart becomes stable.

Looking up ahead into the uncertainty of my destiny, I now smile;
Warmth pours down over my body, bringing a sense of purpose.
This path of my feet that challenges me beckons me to walk forward;
Walk into destiny, walk into fulfillment, walk into the sunset of life.


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