Poetries from the Heart

food for thought

Do you think it is fair or it is right that those individuals " Illegal Immigrants"
are here in the USA illegaly. First of all they are eating our food, stealing our homes, jobs
and yet does not pay taxes, while we Americans work ourself hard to make a living, paying taxes
and bills yet those illegals immigrants are enjoy a free taxes life.
Let be honest with each other, do you think it is right or it is fair,
and do you think it is right that the Government want to take our hard taxs dollars
and put it into that healthcare bills
and those some illigals immigrants are going to benifits from our sweats.
Mexicans there are 12 in a 1 bedroom home,
and most of them are here illegally
yet the government of this country want to B slap us on the face by passing a healthcare bills that will give illegal immigrants
free health care yet tax us Americans we does not have it.
Why don't the US governments start taking care of its owned people
and leave those illegal immigrants alone.
Seriously if you think we have an illegal immigrants issued now wait until the health care bill
passed there be coming by the millions to ride like a ford in our back...
food for thought, think about it...

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