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The morning air cuts straight through my soul

"Man Down!" I hear my thoughts race outta control

Through the rain of bullets
I bob and I weave
till I find my self beside the one in need...  

These dreams ~ nightmares
of shredded limbs and burned hair
As I lay by my bride
I still wake and speak in babble of war time  

She sleeps with peace in her soul
Her heart is whole now with me home
But what she doesn't know
If they called tomorrow ~ I would up and go
This is the only life I know

  Guilt rip ~ brother bond

While some left bleeding on the other side of the pond...

The sun sets on another bloody day

I sit here holding her bloodstained photo

Its what keeps my mind sane in this hell

I lost another friend today

I close my eyes and I see his face

Just another man forgotten in this place

He gave his life so I would have mine

Lord knows why

Every second an eternity lasts

Waiting for my husband to come back

Pacing floors, bended knees, waking sleep

All family seperated from us

No other comfort comes but from above

Not knowing where he sleeps

What he thinks

or what he eats

Months go by ~ before they tell me

Where my love is this time

Some say not a good wife

"How can you not know a contact line"

They don't understand

The cost, the price, the demand

To keep him safe and secure

I'd rather not know

Remain in trust and pure

This is my life

As a military wife

Its 0700 and the sun is coming up

I grab my gear and head to the truck

Time to head out through the fog and the muck

Passing through these empty streets

I see an empty playground destroyed from fire

Gets me thinking about my kids and my desire

For them to be able to play safe and sound

An explosive jars my head from those thoughts

Momentary blackness
And then I come to

The truck is on its side

There is a body trapped on top of me

Smoke clogging my nostrils

Blood pooling by my head

Threating to drown me

I see my family in my minds eye

They give me the strength to push the body off and fight

I crawl out of the windshield

Looking towards the back I see

Another arm moving

I reach for him and pull him out

His face is cut and he is bleeding out

I pulled him with me

Towards what is left of a shelled out house

I hear behind me the truck explode

Yelling in a tounge that I don't understand

I see them walking along the sides of the charred truck

There are four of them

The men who shot an RPG at our truck

I look to the man who I just pulled out

His dogtags say D. Patrizio

He looks to me with a grin on his face

I am ready for a fight he says

With blood pouring out of his arm

You are insane I tell him

Wrap it up he says

I manage to find a bedsheet to use

Ok I say Lets take them from two sides

You stay here and I will go around
We can catch them in a crossfire

Sure to bring them down

I come out of the building and circle around

The guys are still yelling not knowing whats about to go down

One of the men spots the trail from the truck towards the broken home

He speaks and all of a sudden gunshots ring out from the broken home

He goes down in a fury of bullets

I open fire from behind

Bringing the one holding the RPG down

The two remaining do not have a chance

They are armed with AK-47's and shooting wildly

I feel a tug at my stomache and still I fire

My M-16 runs out of bullets and I look around

The four men are down

I stumble towards D. Patrizio and he helps me sit down

You know your hit right he says

No I am not

Look down my friend

A crimson stain is seeping across my belly

With his hands he brings pressure down upon the wound

What now he says

I just want to go home..
He was home

When both babies were born

But he wasn't there much

As they crawled across the floor

So much he has missed

Childhood giggles, hugs, goodnight kiss

Our son was three

When he returned from a stint overseas

He clung to my side

Hanging on tight

Bewilderment in his eyes

Who is this man?

Mommy, I don't understand

This stranger you picked up

From the airport ~ just took my hand

I see the pain in my husband's eye

As he realizes he has missed so much this time

The ache runs deep

As he holds me and weeps

Thank you Jenn for writing this with me and for not letting me go~

I love you sis

And to those who fight on the frontlines 

You are missed and loved

This is for you ~ all those years away ~ may there be no war 
May it end with us

NOTE from JENN ~ Thank you (((RANDALL))) this meant so much to me ~
THANK YOU with all my heart for pulling through

I love you brother ~ even when the dance is intense

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