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 Painfully Shy

Triggered by a Facebook invitation are memories from my past;
Carrying me back to elementary school, to those innocent times.
I am remembering a beautiful young girl from my fifth grade class;
Such a sweet smile, yet I was so painfully shy, I was without rhymes.

Even when she spoke to me, my heart would leap and do a flip;
 Yet my tongue wouldn't utter a word, my face would turn to stone.
Crippled from contact with the outside world, I hid within my own ship;
Often wondering how many wonderful friendships were eternally blown.

Through high school, she became more beautiful each and every day;
I became more at home in this cocoon spun to isolate me from the light.
My shyness became even more acute as puberty hit me, what can I say;
Misery haunted me during those years,  against this I did not fight.

That hardened shell has been destroyed as I have aged and matured;
Open to a fault now, I reach out without exception to those around me.
Now is open the door to love others, thank you to those who endured;
Yet too many friendship opportunities were missed, for that I'm truly sorry.

What now, looking into the moment, reaching out to you reading these words;
Don't place yourself in a prison;  instead, believe and know that you are needed.
Escape from that which separates you, isolation and loneliness is for the birds;
The measure of your relationships will tell the story if your life has succeeded.


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