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 To Ride The Unicorn - poems about life - by pegesus unicorn      205719 Poems Read

The Pack Joins

the pack was on its prowl it was a relatively new one there were only six
they had banded out of need one winter with an alpha male and his mate
their union was a tenuous one at the beginning but now there was a bond
when winter hits the pack joins as one

their prey this morning was a large herd of deer the scout had found
the alpha in the lead with the scout close behind indicating the way
they were silent knowing their success was essential to their survival
when winter hits the pack joins as one

skills were improving with each hunt teamwork becoming an art
they only chose the weaker ones to ensure the catch they had cubs
culling the herd of deer improved their survival of the fittest as well
when winter hits the pack joins as one

together they downed two an old buck and sickly doe the rest escaped
dragging their kill to a safe place they gorged themselves saving the rest
they had to feed the pups and beta wolf who stayed behind in safety
when winter hits the pack joins as one

the pups were still small but the band was now growing security in numbers
there were six strong pups the first for the band the alpha proud of his mate
they all feasted that night knowing harder times were only around the corner
when winter hits they join as one

winter was the time they trained  the pups as they started to grow learning fast
they would help feed the band on smaller stuff to keep them alive till later
when a stray deer would be found then all would feast for another time
when winter hits they join as one


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