Words unspoken, Words unread!

Dear Santa..............Iraq

Dear Santa.............Iraq          

Candles burning sure and bright,
Shining through the Christmas tree.
Santa's coming 'round tonight,
Bringing presents here for me.

I sent a letter some time ago,
I asked for things I'd need.
For these are things for Mum and me,
It certainly wasn't greed.

For I am thirteen years of age,
I asked, "please bring Dad back".
I miss him; Mum is so upset,
Since he died inside Iraq.

I cry myself to sleep some nights,
I can hear Mums sobbing heart.
He's the only present we will need,
"Don't keep us all apart".

Dear Santa, no more toys or clothes,
No gifts from that Christmas sack.
The only thing that we all want,
Is to have my Daddy back.

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