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Canvasser ii

I knew this was the house,
Gave the doorbell a try,
Heard its long ring,
But there was no reply.

It was the year of the floods
When cold persistent rains
Lay deepening on the streets
Overwhelming sewers and drains.
I stood knocking at this door,
Shivering and soaked to the skin
And she  must have taken pity
For she invited me in.

Against all of the rules,
But all I could think
Was of the warm kitchen
And the promised hot drink.
She towelled my hair,
Made my pulse race
As one soft clothed breast
Brushed twice against my face

Just a reflex action;
I just couldn't resist
But lifted my lips
To greet it with a kiss,
And very soon the towel
Lay on the kitchen floor
As she straddled my knee
Both wanting more.

It's almost dream like
What happened next,
Not quite a love making
But a sweet gentle sex.
One more  long cuddle,
she slipped from my knee,
And we both sat sipping
Her hot sweet tea.

A brief goodbye kiss
And I'm back on the street
With the cold rising flood
Lapping over my feet.
Very soon wet again
I  called it a day
And returning to the car
Drove slowly away.

Still no reply
Though I rang the bell twice
But really I knew
Lightening doesn't strike twice.......

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Canvasser ii