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 Paw Paw Looks at D.J.

I look at D.J.'s innocence and wonder what his future holds;
What will he see when he looks into his grandchild's eyes?
My hope abounds for him, but reality rears it's ugly head;
Will this world find true peace, will all the wars end?
Will kindness and gentleness be character traits most honored;
Or will it be power, dominance, strength, and deception
As man versus man continues to tear the fabric of society to shreds?
I pray that he sees peace.

I look into D.J.'s eyes and wonder about his life.
Will he reach for the stars with all of his energies, or settle for a few crumbs?
Will he treasure knowledge and wisdom, or seek to control others through power?
Will he seek truth in love for his life, or just turn to the pleasures of the flesh?
Let him honor his mother and his family, let him find support in true friends;
Let him work with diligence and with dignity, within his soul wisdom abound.
My hope is for true love, a partner for the victories and defeats of his life.
I pray that he finds love.

I look into D.J.'s face and wonder about his heart.
Will he reach for the unknown, or simply believe only what he can see?
Will he look for the face of his Creator, or have no interest in that stuff?
Will he travel on the road of a seeker, or just take the road into town?
Let him search out the questions that lay deep in his heart;
Help him to reach out beyond his fears into a life filled with discovery.
My hope is he allows himself to be open to the realm of light and truth.
I pray that he seeks spirit.

It is strange being in a grandfather's place, where only hope can be;
I can't control or convince, I can only live the truth that I know.
My hopes are for his present and future, as he walks in this life;
I pray that he learns to walk in this eternal moment, I pray that he truly lives.


This is written to honor Drake Joshua Pifer, my  beautiful grandson
I love you, Paw Paw

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