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 War Rages Upon Pages

Peace not war should be what plays
Between writers whose gifts they page
Upon their site from soul within
Where do we start, where to begin

Though not involved I see displayed
Between the lines how words now play
Volleyed back and forth to bring
An end yet verbal fights still bring

Another round that turns to two
These verbal shots that wound them too
The carnage here seems so senseless
Although respect calls for no less

A referee we do not claim
To be,  to change as some defame
As I've withstood attacks my own
With writes fight back whats not condone

We use to have poetic friends
Upon this site whose time they'd lend
But as of late they do not come
Wonder what, what we've done

Yet write we do and move ahead
No time to fight on whats been said
For words come cheap as does critique
No need for one to lose good sleep

We hold with high regard many
That smoke us when they write and plenty
But its just fuel to light the fire
Igniting us by them inspired

So if today one leaves their mark
Unjust their words upon site park
Petty things just hit delete
In one key stroke you'll feel complete

Peace religious symbols sign Pictures, Images and Photos

This write is not to take sides with anyone on any issues as I've learned even when you stay out of conflicts someone always comes along to leave destructive criticism. Peace and a Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

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