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 Till you feel SOMETHING!#$%@$%#^$%&
Before I even see you
I can feel you.
The barriers around
Your heart
And mind
Are so thick
I can feel the brick
And mortar
Pressing against my cheek
Before you even enter the room
Crushing me against
The opposing wall
Without remorse
Because you
Have no idea
That the apathy
And egotism
You built
To keep you safe
From all the abusers
And charlatans
In the world
Is killing you
And because
Of the spiritual law
Of as within
So without
The world is dying
Along side
Your inner child
You are both suffocating
To death inside
Cold castle walls

All the while
Thinking that sports teams,
Entertainment, the house,
The spouse, and the 401k
Will bring you happiness
While the world is falling

So I am going to beat the snot,
Crud, F__K, out of those walls
Till you feel SOMETHING!#$%@$%#^$%&

I have the weapon
Of mass destruction!
Poetry my friend…
Because I love you,
You only think that vampires,
And Virgin Mary's can cry
Tears of blood,
But today when you walked
In the room,
Tears fell down my face
& felt like acid
Burning my face
My fingernails were
Scraping them away
Like the razor blades
Your teenage kids
Stole to scar themselves
Slicing down my face
Leaving the surface of my soul
Like plowed fields
With the blood
Of all the dreams
We murdered together

I wanted to throw
Bouquets of flowers at
Your feet as you crushed
Your competition
So that you would
Look where your feet
The rich purples of lilac
Would erupt in scents
Roses, red,
& sunset colors,
Of loves won
& lost,
Left thorny holes
To remind you
That stomping out others
Hurts you as much as them.
Orchids so white
To remind you of the innocence
Found in birth
And death,
The ones you were
Too busy to celebrate
Or mourn.

If that wasn't enough
Then to take Monet's
Original canvases
With a master's stroke
Whose colors
Made me cry
Forcing you
To look upon it
And throw it
Into the river in front
Of you…
Would you jump?
For money to save it?
Or so that humanity
Wouldn't loose
It's beauty?

Far easier
To debate where
The money goes
For others
Who need
Just to live…

So I am putting
This little
Two year old
Chocolated skin
Latino child
With black
Perfect hair and smile
In front of you
Because he has no idea
That he is hated,
As an immigrant,
And his mother
Is still feeding
Him breast milk
Because she can't
Afford the food…
Look into HIS eyes
Listen to his giggle
As bare feet stamp
The ground while
He chases a tumble weed.
Touch the gold cross
At your throat,
Hold him,
Look into the eyes
That the creator made
And vote against him
And his kind
With an unblemished
I dare you,
To feel
But self-righteous indignation,
Because Christ knows
He wouldn't do the same
As you.

There is a gentle soul
In there
I know
One that is tired
Of fearing it all…
One that would rather
Embrace it all
Than brace herself
Against the world
You deserve it all
As within you
SO too will
The world
Have the same.

Did it work?
Did you feel…
Or have I failed you?
And myself.

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