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Are You Willing/A Call For Service

Are You Willing?

Are you willing to go
where others may not?
Are you willing to share
with those they forgot?

There are many who're
 caught in the deepest mire.
Are you willing to visit
them where they are?

You know it's easy to be
with those who're fine.
They won't require
 a lot of your time.

But are you willing to
bear some uneasiness
to minister to some
who's life is in a mess?

It was for the unrighteous
that the Lord said He came..
Can you have His heart?
Can you do the same?

If you're willing to go
He'll stand with you there.
Then you'll find beauty
where the ashes were

Mark 2:17 "I have not come to call the
righteous, but sinners."

Vivian Ann Moore

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Are You Willing/A Call For Service

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