While you sleep

I lie awake and watch you sleep; vulnerability reigns
Wringing your neck doesn't seem like a bad idea
Embracing loneliness afterward seems like a bad idea
So I lie awake good and gruesome playing battle within
Torn between kissing and killing you

My fingers trail down from your neck to narrow back
Do you feel me reaching out for you in Euphoria?
Coz babe whenever I touch your back, I aim your heart
What do you take fancy in when you refuge in slumber?
Missing you yet touching you

I stare at your face and for those moments love you
Love you not with my hands but with my heart
I was born with Eve's sin between my legs
I'm not sure that's real love either so only my heart
I'm in love with you but don't know love

I stare at your lips and find them lonely without mine
Your arms are misplaced, they should be holding me
For a moment I wish my heart wasn't as cold and icy
Only then maybe I could treat you like I'm supposed
I can give you my heart only it's numb

I look at your fingers curled up and give a sigh
Recalling them mocking and challenging my body to limits
It's amazing how small "apparatus" posses such power
I'm thankful that you lie beside me only you cant see it
I'm grateful you are mine but I cant say it

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While you sleep

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