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 I Love You

This is one phrase in the English language,
That has the power to topple the status quo.
From the first moment this phrase uttered,
Two individuals enter into a new relationship.

Some hide from these words and their power,
Others deny their presence in their  own life.
The wise understand that denial or hiding from love,
Cannot destroy the feelings, but are only a mask.

To say this on a daily basis to your partner in life
Reinforces the glue that sticks two people into one.
A single rose on the pillow, a pledge of undying love;
Or some other action that gives these words reality.

With the ability to unify two lovers souls, minds, and bodies;
I speak the words  I love you' to you knowing their power.
With knowledge of our combined destiny in my mind's eye,
We have now become one soul, separated only by circumstance.


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