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 Sweet Words

My ears funnel your sweet words into my brain,
Blossoming life into my soul like a desert rain.
My head is filled with your kindness and blessing,
Your compliments are like touchless caressing.
The nectar of your words spoken in sincerity,
Brings me out of my shell, as I now see in clarity.
I am inspired to work even harder in the weight room,
As I feel like I have been born again from the womb.
A fresh perspective courses through my veins,
As your words have broken these prison chains.
Now I walk, unbound, in freedom and confidence,
As your words were honest, without any pretense.
Thank you, my friend, for your words of kindness,
No longer am I walking around in my own blindness.
I am feeling good; yes, even a bit on the handsome side;
Your sweet words have made my life a thrilling new ride.


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