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The Earth Never Stops Or Sleeps But You Must Press On

The earth never stops or sleeps,
    though we close our eyes…
Our minds are constantly battling
    the things that drink our secret cries
The wise can see the changing of the times…,
    the seasons, the lows and the highs,
    that make us drop and weep,
but if you believe in the reality you see-
    then let this truth also arise, and be
There is just as much joy in the fall clouds
    as there is sorrow in the spring skies,
Though the crowd insists summer is for laughter
    and the winter for sighs…near the cold still tree
So let the sun shine in your heart like the morning glow
    and the moon settle your mind like the calming night
Though sometimes it darkness at noon…
God's glorious light…is coming soon, I know
While you're patiently praying for strength…
You've become the ray in others sight, like a inspired rainbow
So battle on when doubt hunts you,
When temptation becomes strongest…be O so bold
Nothing gets God's attention quicker to
    than a hard fought fight, for another soul
The dark times are just bars of depression that shatters
    when the light of hope shines through like pure gold
So no work is in vain no matter how small, or ill
You truly learn how to walk by faith when you crawl, or being still
And though you can't see the significant of this place…
    as a temporary home    
The end is more than worth it when you look up and see God's face…                
     sitting on the throne

Copyright 2009
Robert Anthony James

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The Earth Never Stops Or Sleeps But You Must Press On