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 Sonnet 2: Kay Dee's Vivid Dream
Started writing this November 20, 2009

Finished today, after some rearranging of lines and word choices, attempting to tie in the dream (first stanza)to that of the 'dreamlike state of mind' (final couplet) in which the character could employ the power of deduction.

I hope this holds all the framework of a sonnet.... English sonnet (I believe).  However, I may be missing the iambic pentameter (pattern of emphasis 5 times) for every line.  Is this right?  Maybe I'm being too picky... LOL

Please, anyone that has knowledge of sonnets let me know. as I'm trying to become better at writing them.  Critique requested on required elements....thank you.

November 20, 2009

In Kay Dee's most bizarre and vivid dreams
Be this a force reckoned unofficial?
Seventh quote reverie perfection seems
Scribbled down and stamped with seal initial

Ten doubleday's of the eleventh unfurled
Held against street lamp's dillusional signs
The master enters the criminal's world
Exquisite observation between lines
‘The irregulars' lined up and stood there
For this narrator's counterbalance plot
Superior winds reigned without compare
Perfection's twist that Sir Conan-Doyle sought

In a dreamlike state assist readers through
The fabric of truths hidden within clues

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