Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god

Bowel & Bravery

I wait all night for you,
To see your eyes roll around
In your thick coconut skull.
Deserving only desecration,
You split the virginity
From me and claimed it as your own.
Lost, I find solace in
The f(u)(c)k down the hall;
A slob who steals pity
from deep within my abdomen.
I am an insect, burrowing
Deep inside his core, robbing him
Of his health; this little scarab
Becomes entwined in bowel and bravery.
The taste of ginger on my pallete,
I split on the eve and salt
The night, feeling the regret ache
In my joints, freezing my patella
So that I no longer walk away.


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Bowel & Bravery

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