From my mind 
  Derrick David Henderson

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 That Devil upon my Back

I am my own worst enemy, I make a fearsome foe
The one I don't want to face, the one I don't want to know
Who calls me worse than muck, that grinds me into the ground
For ever giving me beatings, for ever running me down.

It's that little devil upon my back who whispers in my ear
Whenever I feel down or glum he always will appear
He thrives upon disappointment, unhappiness, dark gloom and fear
Planting seeds inside my brain as he whispers, whispers, whispers in my ear.

This is just a passing mood a one that does not spread
For this is another day and I am a man with many heads
The real me has come to light and cast that devil down
Today I will stand up strong and tall and not let me push me around.


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