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5 Mugabe Limericks

Mugabe surveys his starving land from the shade
And the loyal thugs of his band all there arrayed
Thanks the Lord for barren soil
That doesn't bear a trace of oil
So the Yanks and Brits won't bother to invade

Mugabe sits at the forum there in Rome's delights
Quite a bit different from his dear home's sights
Where votes are counted once twice
And if needed even more than thrice
Until Robert knows when the result at last is right

Mugabe wears sun shades to disguise
That power lust not so deep in his eyes
While his wife's out at the shops
Spending most next year's crops
And Robert spins his web of racist lies

And the Brits and Yanks sort out the spoils
Contracts for developing fields of Iraqi oils
WMD were never ever there
But that's past so who cares
As the local resentment seethes and boils

And Robert sits like Paramount chief
Lording over his starving stolen fief
Which he has made
Much to poor to invade
Praise and glory to this master thief

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5 Mugabe Limericks