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                                     THE CORNER SHELF

                              Robert Sage was a happy contented man
                              The little cottage that he and his wife lived in
                              Was fully paid up
                              They lived there very comfortably.

                              Every evening when he came home from business
                              He thought about how lucky and blessed he was
                              With this existence.

                              His wife always greeted him at the front door
                              With open arms.
                              They embraced "Hello"
                              And entered the cottage hand-in-hand.

                              Robert went to freshen up
                              While his wife set the table
                              For the dinner that they ate together
                              As they discussed the happenings of the day.

                              She always prepared to his liking
                              Food that was nutritious and delicious.
                              Then Robert took his nightly shower
                              While his wife tidied up.

                              It was bedtime by then
                              So Robert went to lie down
                              And wait for his wife to join him.
                              The room was very dim
                              But they were both familiar with the lack of lighting.
                              Someone quietly slipped into bed alongside of Robert
                              Strangely that someone didn't feel like his wife.
                              Robert said, "Madam, you are evidentally
                              In the wrong cottage,
                              So please leave.
                              I love my wife dearly
                              And do not want to give her the wrong impression."

                              She replied, "Don't be ridiculous,
                              I AM your wife
                              And I am already here."

                              Robert said, "Don't keep saying that,
                              You are not my wife
                              And please leave my bed,
                              Because she'll be here an moment.

                              She replied, "It's time for me to tell you
                              About the corner shelf;
                              The wife you are talking about
                              Is sitting on the corner shelf."

                              Robert said,
                              "My wife is a buxom woman
                              And couldn't sit on any shelf."
                              She replied, "Well, she's sitting on this one."

                              Robert said, "I didn't even know we had a corner shelf,
                              And what have I got to do with a corner shelf."
                              She said, "You have more to do with it than you know,
                              And I will explain.  
                              When you come home, she is the one that greets you."

                              "Are you saying I have two wives," Robert asked.
                              And she answered, "In a way you could say that,
                              Because on that shelf are all the cosmetics
                              That make up the wife who greets you."

                              "The woman in your bed IS your wife
                              Without the adornments.
                              Which do you prefer"?

                              "I love you both," said Robert,
                              The one on the shelf and the one who's in bed with me."

                              READERS, WHAT WOULD YOUR ANSWER BE?

                                                   By Evelyn Sterngart                      



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