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 Christmas Lights

The season of Christmas is upon us once again.
I am driving in my town,  and I see the Christmas lights,
I see the Santa's, the reindeer, the snowmen inflatables.
I see the lights of multiple colors decorating folk's homes.
No longer anticipating the days until the day Santa comes,
I am left feeling slightly Scroogie, my heart not full of joy.
Instead, I am thinking of all the children who are hungry,
All the children who cry from abuse, all the children unloved.
My heart breaks as these thoughts pass through my soul.
I have no joy even hearing the jingle bells ringing,
Tears are running down my cheeks as I drive among the lights.
Why should such a joyful time bring this shadow of sadness?
I wonder if I am somehow dead to the magic of Christmas tonight?
My thoughts return to the children, I wonder why there is so much pain?
I cannot feel the joy of the Yule tide, I cannot enjoy the eggnog.
Those colorful Christmas lights shining so bright bring me sorrow.

I pause, then pray;  there is a shattering of my hardened heart,
As God breaks down the walls of commercialism, consumerism;
Then He shines the true Christmas light into my heart as I drive.
The brightest light of them all, the daystar of God's own love.
God gave His only Son on that Christmas night so long ago,
To comfort those children, to heal their broken hearts;
To bring love to all  of mankind.
I can smile now, thinking aloud as I drive, Merry Christmas, world.
Born unto you this day is a Savior.


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