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 Twinkling Moment

Waiting the entire year for the twinkling moment of Christmas;
Slipping through my fingers, I grasp, and fail once again.
Trying to bottle the magic of this moment, hold it in my hands;
It becomes even more elusive, gone without warning again.
Another year I must wait to experience this moment;
Or do I I sit and ponder the present moment and it's joy.

Jim Croce wrote the song "Time in a Bottle" many years ago;
Serving as my anthem, I see that the battle is always lost.
But entering through the veil of the moment with peace, I gently walk;
When I ride the wave of this moment, it is not a string of memories.
Eternal is the scenario, unending as long as I continue to flow;
All my senses, my ego, my soul; they are all focused on the now.

Vibrant is life, the colors of the pallet are all new and inspiring;
My soul reaches into the pool of eternity, dipping out peace.
Not looking to the left nor the right, not behind or ahead;
Instead, fully embracing this instant, linear time ceases to exist.
Rising from the ashes of the clock is something  always new;
I can honor God's gift of this eternal present twinkling moment.


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