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William Ward
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Memories of Past Presents

In the stillness of the night,
With snowflakes falling from the sky,
Blanketing the countryside in layers of white,
Settling in with a sigh.

All the world seems quiet with awe,
As not a creature stirs,
God's creation without a flaw,
Such a sight was hers.

She sits beside a blazing fire,
Her time to rest a while,
Left alone with her thoughts to inspire,
On her face a beautiful smile.

Another Christmas has gone by,
With presents and love aplenty,
And all the goodies her hand could supply,
Counting her blessings of many.

Children asleep in their warm cozy beds,
Heads filled with dreams of joy,
Dreams of riding the snow with the sleds,
Found under the tree with other toys.

Tomorrow will be a day of fun,
Cold hands warmed with cups of hot soup,
Exhausted they will with the day be done,
And gather around the table in a group.

Love and laughter enters the room,
As everyone eats their fill,
Memories for forever start to bloom,
As they slowly lose their chill.

Family is everything and all,
Memories are there to sustain,
All of us that care to recall,
That home at the end of the lane.

Copyright 2009 William M. Ward

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