Tattoos in Mayberry

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I got no money
hell's my home.
nobody cares
and, I'm all alone.
I'm alot like you
heaven knows I'm
alot like you
you know it's true..

And I got nobody
no set plans
left waitin' on
no promised lands
I'm alot like you
Hell knows
I'm alot like you

I keep my eyes wide open
so I won't get fooled
I'm listenen' up
Gettin over myself
'cause I know
you know
we know
I'm alot like you
and thank you for the favor.
Might like the flavor
Somethin' to savor.
with those party favors
from your player makers
on speed elevators.

Now that I'm able to sit
at your table
and stomach your fable
I'm still screamin, 
thank you
thank you 
thank you
for the favor.
I'm alive I'm a lie You're a live lie too
that must be how I got hooked up
and in with a lie with a lie
with a dirty little lot like you..
and I thank you for the favor.
I'm creamin, bleeding, heavin, screamin,
thank you
thank you
thank you
for the favor.

Everybody wants  iced pink champagne
To dirty dance in your warm spring rains
Beluga Caviar
Ya'll wanna party down hearty like  a superstar
and you're screamin
thank you
thank you
thank you for the fay ay ay vor.
And I got nobody 
no way home.
Nobody cares
and I'm on my own.
I'm alot like you.
I'm alot like you 
you know it's true
And i got no money
no set plans
left waitin on no promised land.
i'm alot like you
I'm alot like you.
you keep your eyes wide
open so you don't get fooled.
You're listen up
gettin over yourself
cuz, you know,  I know
they know
everybody know
I'm alot like you
and thank you. for the favor.
Everybody wants.
a piece of your rock
a sliver off your clock
a bite of your lollipop
the cream of your crop
the finest of your stock
with a cherry on top
To be  the fastest gun on 
the block.
But,where's my piece,
where's your piece
where's her  piece
where's our tiny
tasty little
 piece off the rock

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Buddy Bee Anthony

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A lot like you.