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I got no money
no way home
nobody cares
and, I'm all alone.
I' m alot like you
heaven knows 
I'm alot like you.
Yeah, you know it's true.

And I got nobody
no set plans
left waitin' on
no promised lands
 I'm alot like you
Hell knows
I'm alot like you.

I keep my eyes wide open
so I won't get fooled
I'm listenen' up
and gettin over myself
'cause I know
you know
we know
I'm alot like you
and I'm thankful for your favor.
Everybody wants iced pink champgne
Dirty dancin' in warm spring rain.
Beluga Caviar.
To party down hearty like a superstar.
And they're all screamin' heavin' creamin'
bleedin' thank you for your favor.

might like the flavor
of your party favors
on your elevators.
with your player makers
now that we're able to sit at
their table and stomach their fable.
We're just thankful.
I'm alot like you
and thank you for your favor....
I'm a live, I'm a lie, you're a live lie too.
That must be how I got hooked up and in
with a lie, with a lot with a dirty little lot like you
with a lot like you.
With the likes of a live lie like you.
and still I'm kneelin'
praying preachin'  thank you for  your favor.
.I'm so grateful for your favor.
You all demand a little piece of my rock.,
a bigger sliver off  my clock
The first lick from off my lollipop
The cream of my crop.
the finest of my stock
with a cherry on top
be the fastest gun on my block
but, where's my piece,
where's your piece.
where's our tiny
bloody sweaty
tasty little piece of the rock...

And, I got nobody
Hell's my home.
Nobody cares
and I'm on my own.
i"m alot like you.
Now, I'm alot like you..
you know it too..
and I got short ,money
no set plans
left waitin' on no promised lands
I'm alot like you
Heaven knows
I'm alot like you..
Keep your eyes wide open so you don't get fooled.
Better listenin' up,
and gettin'' over yourself
cuz, I'm alot like you
and thank you.
I'm thankful for your favor.
I might like the flavor
somethin' to savor,
with your party favors
on your elevators.,
and alll those haters, fakers
faders and failures.
We're stills  screamin' heavin' bleeedin, creamin' 
Thank you. I;m alot like you
and thank you.
I'm alot like you and
 mostly thankful for your favor.


All publishing ccopyrights and editing rights reserved by this author.

Re-edited 02/05/2024 @ 7:03 P.M. Pacific  StandardTime

Buddy Bee Anthony

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A lot like you.



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