Beautiful Disaster

Prince Charming

Every little girl
Has the very same dream
With a fairy tale theme
Her prince will ride in
Upon a shining steed
The noblest of breeds
He'll dismount and bow
And kiss her hand, so sweet
Sweeping her off her feet
He'll whisk her away
To a castle in the sky
Way up high
And there they will live
Full of joy and laughter
Happily ever after.

But every little girl
Grows out of youth
And learns the truth
Her big dream
Was just another fairy tale
Now old and frail
Shoved under her bed
In some forgotten book
Never given another look
The whole world screams
Of horrific tragedy
In the papers and on TV
And yet each night
Before she closes her eyes
She whispers a wish to the skies

Then one day
He walks in the door
Like no one she's ever seen before
And as the world fades away
She knows he's the one
Into his arms she'll run
Everyone will try to unmask
The frog they know him to be
But she'll never see
He'll sweep her off her feet
And then let her fall to floor
When he heads for the door
Shivering and shaking
He'll depart
Leaving her to mend a broken heart

Sitting by a creak
Wanting to retreat
She is willing to admit defeat
Surrendering dreams of a prince
She grabs a slimy frog
Sitting On a nearby rotting log
Desperately she stares at him
Pressing her lips against his cold, green skin
Hoping to a prince, he might be akin
But the kiss was no good
As it was not to a prince, bestowed
Just a slimy, old toad
She throws him back in the water
And sighs a deep sigh
Will she never find the right guy?

Several frogs later
Her heart is tattered and torn
Full of love's thorns
The scars on her hands
Shows the work that she's done
Trying to undo all they've begun
Where a princess once stood
A pauper stands now
With dirt on her shirt and sweat on her brow
The wear and tear of life
Has taken its toll
Leaving behind, a hopeless soul
Another frog hops by
And her heart flutters again
Hoping he's different then the other men

With each new frog
There's the same old heartbreak
You'd think she'd learn from her mistakes
But if look closely in her eyes
You'll see a small gleam
That will reveal her whole scheme
She never grew out fairy tales
And she's still searching for her black knight
Upon his steed of white
The world may be discouraging
But they'll never defeat her
No longer will her dream, she defer
Because while searching for her prince
Without realizing it, she grew
And finally discovered what they always knew

She doesn't need a prince
To sweep her off feet
Or make her complete
She just needed a passion
A fight to fight
A wrong to right
She began to see
What they saw all along
A beautiful young woman, bright and strong
And as she embraces her passion
She realize it's essential
To dedicate her whole heart to fulfilling her potential
And if she'd ever met her Prince
And given her heart away
She would never have become who she is today.

The quest for a prince
Continues still
But isn't quite as rushed to fulfill
She knows she's come along way
But she's still got a lot of growing to do
And she guesses he probably does too
And when it's time
They'll both know
As it was written so long ago:
Her prince will ride in
Upon a shining steed
The noblest of breeds
He'll dismount and bow
And kiss her hand, so sweet
Sweeping her off her feet

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