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 My Mom

At the center of our family, always there;
She is the glue that keeps our wheels on.
A woman of strength and character without match;
Mom is the epitome of Southern hospitality.
Overworked, under appreciated, under paid;
At nearly 78 years old, still working in the craft shop.
Like the EverReady Bunny, she just keeps going and going;
Beating out the cadence, working hard for every dime.

On New Years Day, my Mom was admitted into the hospital;
Pneumonia had a grip on her lungs and wouldn't let go.
She is still there tonight, as I just came in from a visit;
Hard to phantom my mom incapacitated even a little bit.
Strength is flowing slowly to her lungs as she fights;
Wanting to get out of that infernal hospital with every ounce.
She asked today for me to bring a book of my poetry for her to read;
To know that my words help her blesses me to my soul.

Dad has been gone for nearly five years now, I miss him so much;
But the thought of my Mom not being here forever had not entered.
Our Rock of Gibraltar, the foundation of our family core;
I was left wondering the what if's of our life, trying to find a center.
She will recover very nicely, I know, and life will continue as it is;
But I know now that there may be a moment in our future
When her flame is extinguished here on this earth in the flesh.
I am ever more thankful for every precious moment with my Mom.


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