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 You understand it ( Just for you )

How do I say infatuations taking over without letting myself down,
When this happens I distance myself from it cause you don't need me around.
I've never been the one to, standing there pleading begging, asking for someone to please want me,
So I swore off all emotion, I don't really need it, I'm not wasting time being free.
Then you, with your intersting vocabualry saying everyone one deserves to be understood,
And I tell you my greatest secret without any fear and you understand like no else could.
When I'm wishing I could hear your voice it's harder not to think about the possiblities,
What you desire, I covet, face to face intimacy.
Something says stay way but I can't cause there might be, there might be something I can take from here.
But I can't get too comfrontable nothing seems to last and I can't get past that untold fear.
For someone who hates emotion I have lots of emotion and I can't get away,
But you, you understand it, so I'm here and I'll stay.

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