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You need to let me go ( you know who you are, love)

I just wanted you to Know

Untitled baby

He's in my soul


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I wonder pt 2

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Going under

The only way I know how...Can't do nothing else but keep it real...so this is how I feel

He could've been the one I couldn't do without,
The one to make it rain if there ever was a drought,
Now it's different, somethings different, I am not the same.
He left his kisses on my body I mean every where,
He said he had to have my love so he didn't care,
Then he took over my soul, I only have myself to blame.

He said that I was perfect- Babe, no wait perfection never came like this before,
If he could, he would, give me everything I could ever want and more,
You see I've tried walking away, He words are saying please stay,
I just can't see, me being me, and giving into something I know that never could be.

So I say now, where do we go from here,
knowing that we can't take back what we said, or how we feel,
I'm like, out of sight, out of mind, then I see his face one more time,
And I know, I'm going under again. He pulls me under.

He said promise me you'll laways be my friend,
when I need you, you'll resuce me and stay here til the end,
So I stayed and we talked about whatever was your mind.
Always like clock work he called every night,
He said he just can't sleep wishin he was holding me tight,
I'm thinkin a promise it a promise so I make everything just fine.

He said I was worth it and he would nevr regret a kiss or second with me,
he found something inside that he wanted to keep,
So how do I move on when he is in her arms, but he won't let me go,
Cause if he need it when she can't give it, I just can't say no...

So I say now, where do we go from here,
Knowing that we can't take back what we said, or how we fee,
And I'm like out of sight, out of mind, then I see his face one more time,
And I know, I'm going under again. He pulls me under.

He says make love to me baby, but how can I, when I'm the one that knows the truth about it,
They think they know I see them stare, well if they ask, I just tell the truth about it, everybody here goes the truth....

It was like sunset on a warm beach, under my skin he's got a hold on me.
I never thought that I could give in so much, or want to cry everytime I can't feel his touch,
See we had both agreed we can't fall in love, now he confuse and feinin cause he can't get enough,
He cried at nights hurting only cause his hurting me, and I just fall sleep listening to him breathe.
He said he never felt so hard so fast, and if he closed he eyes our time spent is sure to last, but I'm not tripping cause he always comes back to me, but then again I wonder will he ever set her free. I know it hurts his soul when I say that I'm gone, but really I be fronting I'm not close to done. A promise is a promise yes it's true indeed, forever HIS BEST FRIEND, I'm here whenever he's in need.

And that's the way it goes...

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Going under



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