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Tiger Lily Tabby Cat

In the still small hours of the night,
Long before any day's light,
Regularly as any clock's ticking
I can hear her claws clicking
Click, click, click as she walks the wooden floor;
Then the pat pat pat up the stairs to our door
When seconds later she is spread
Sphinx fashion close to my head

With one little paw
Close by my jaw
Ready to give a gentle little poke
Should I fail in my duty to stroke
This creature lying there
Rewarding my efforts with her purr.

Perhaps a little doze
Until a little wet nose
Suggests I tend to her need
By replenishing her feed
And to just be up and on my way
For the bed is hers during the day
For sleep for Tiger Lily Tabby Cat
Who is so really very good at that.

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Tiger Lily Tabby Cat