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Link to interview with Sulom, Celeste who worked 40 years at FEMA and is saying in short
don't even get tested for the Carona and especially don't take the coming Corona Vaccine MARK OF BEAST
IN IT! Time to trust the Lord! 

This beginning Note is being typed May 18,2020, and the message below was typed in 2009 or
10 and is the testimony of the evil agenda back then through the vaccine that was filled with
disgusting things and depopulated and had the rfid chip approved to go in it. (I saw the press
release on the "Veri-chip" Corporation sight at the time.)- The agenda then was the agenda now,
to bring in marshal law and then mandat mark of the beast and vaccine containing the same
ingredients to change the DNA and become controlled completely by Satan. The difference now is
back then The Almighty Yah through our commander and Chief Yeshua/Jesus the Christ revealed it
and had me call every ministry and prayer ministry as the Lord did not let this happen before
its time. They are all lying about this Corona Virus, yes they have made a virus and the vaccine
that will soon emerge and be mandated. The insideous thing here is that Bible warned about the
tangible mark going in the right hand and forehead (and many have willingly done that such as the
Wisconsin Company where they had t-shirts mocking and bragging "I got chipped!") again the insideous
thing is that it that the enemy has now combined in the vaccine so people may not believe that it
is the it but God has been warning!!!!!!! I will also post a article on a sister who worked for Fema
40 years and will verify by fact what God has been sharing through my gift and others since 09.

It's time to WAKE UP CHURCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come out of babylon! That means quit trusting the satanic
systems that have been infiltrated with demons and the hands and feet for Satan. God is seperating
the wheat and tare. The agenda is still controlled by the Almighty and it takes being in His presence
to hear Him and His plan for you. Psalm 91 and 23 and Isaiah 60 and 60 let us know that it is in
these time of darkness that the Lord will meet us and will be the light through us in the glorious
miracles He is about to do to show his nature of healing, Love, Holiness, righteousness and truth.
He is setting the captives free from this slavery systems that go back to Egypts sorcercy and have
been carried through to the Roman Catholic church and vatican and the "Sun"day churches and America
Religion, commerce, systems started by them. Revelation 12:9, 2 Cor 4:4 2 Cor 11:14 was started by them.

Church wake up and know who you are!!! Spend time in the secret place with God without mixing table of
demons with the table of God. The weapon is FAITH (that we gain as we spend time with Him) and
COMPLETE WHAT HE BEGAN IN YOU!!!! Love and Humble heart pure hearts are about to go out in twos across
destruction and calamity to give hope to the Lost. The first fruits have already come out and crossed
over in the spirit going up the mountain since 09 when the watchman got their downloads on judgment
on America, Obama will be back in as beast and Rome also have their head/leadership back. But only
for a short time as God says do not fear when the wicked rise for it shall be that they may be destroyed
forever. So do not believe in the lies. You need the Holy Spirit of God and determination to stay close
to the King of Kings to fight the fine fight of the faith in the midst of all the mind control and war of
chemical warfare, cyber warfare, witchcraft, sorcery, food poisoning .....

Church wake up and come out of her my people so you do not share in her sins or receive apart of her
plagues (Revelation 18:4) Come out, get up and fight in the spirit and love in the natural with the spirit
of descernment and praise God like Mirium did as she sang and danced through the Red Sea!!!!!
Hallalujah!!!! for God is the Almighty with the perfect plan but we must wake up and not in fear of man
but as the soldiers we were created to be. !!!!! Go to God now on bended knee and know he loves you and
has a plan for your life. Come out of prison of pride, believeing the lies of religion and seek God in the
secret place and break curses and spells after submitting to God and break destractions in Jesus name.
God bless you with a humble heart, ears to hear, eyes to see and power, love and sound mind, with provision
protection, wisdom, alignment and positioning with what he has for you in this hour.In Jesus/Yeshua's name!
Amen!!!!!! We are to usher in the presence of God in unity in sound and dance with pure hearts and
not by satanic infiltrated organizations of light 2 Corinthians 11:14, Daniel 7:17, 18,

I heard the Lord say, I have placed an open door before you that no one can shut. Praise! Pray! Proclaim
the Word of God and allow him to cleanse, purify, heal and bring forth in the strategic time His plans and will for
you and your family's salvation, protection and plans for this hour. Be intentional about this for the next couple
of weeks as Penticost is May 31 and I believe it is just like the book of Acts time. But be led by
the Spirit and allow Him to gather us and do the supernatural as week seek and praise and humble ourselves
in the secret place. God bless you. Love in Christ, Judy


If you have taken the Swine Flu vaccine and are fine, Praise God! For He said, that his people would drink poison in the last day and it not effect them.

(The vision was given to me at a time when an apostle/prophet was visiting our church (Chuck Pierce) and he spoke as

if God was speaking through him and he said, "If you want to know what you will be doing in the future ask me and I will

tell you. When I left the conference that evening, I closed my eyes after asking God that Question......)



I asked God in 08, what would I be doing?

I closed my eyes and saw a face of a tiger

It looked innocent at first

But, then it opened its mouth and the teeth were huge (My dream dictionary dipicts tiger as danger and animals teeth as danger)

Jangled and scary

so I opened my eyes

No...Lord, that is not what I had in mind

I closed my eyes again

I saw a  SYRINGE....

The next day an elder of the church sat next to me

and said that he felt I was suppose to go to the

Red Cross training and we discussed how my vision

seemed related. He said, A dangerous pandemic was coming

and not to tell anyone.

I thought the tiger face was the swine flu

and the shot was the remedy 

(I believe the vision was for the vaccines as well as the mark of the beast)

I worked in one college and went to school in another college

It was pushed...."GET THE H1N1 VACCINE!!!!!!"

So I asked God...Should my family take it and HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THE VACCINE?

(this was actully the onset of a whole watchman awakening

and my life was never the same.)

2 A. M. God stirred my heart to research the vaccine







*****Also with in a day or so I met a lady that at that moment was receiving from her husband the notice that on the Verichip Corporation

page they were announcing on their press release the approval of the rfid chip to go in the H1N1 vaccine!

There also was a lot involved with the revelation God brought here. He had me call ministries including God TV and leave prayer

requests on intercesion ministries for the time was not yet. The Holy Spirit led me meeting to Evangel Nurse at my college

(who did not change her mind about giving out the vaccine) and the school principle and nurse at my sons school and sharing it with everyone. 

They appeared  to listen but proceeded forward in passing out their fliers.

When all died down and one didn't hear much about it anymore, I learned, while at a Assemblies of God church that they were going to give out

vaccines at their church and after sharing about the H1N1 the lady said, "Oh that has been combined with the regular vaccine. So they are giving

this out at their church as an outreach service. Just as Rick Joyner had done at his church. I'm sure others must have as well. But these were the

two instances I was personally introduced to.

Also, God has had me run across a homeless nurse who was fired and affected mentally due to the vaccine. She started shaking and said,

"DON'T TAKE IT!!!! I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE! IT WAS HORRIBLE! She also explained how many were fired for not taking it.

I also ran across an article that read hundreds of pregnant women died of the swine flu, although they  had taken the h1n1 vaccine.

Now here is a real obvious reason the Holy Spririt had me take the Red Cross class: We were told that the coming pandemic was

definitely going to happen and didn't answer when someone asked who gives them this information. Although in the same meeting the

informtion was shared that the black plague was manufatured in a local military lab right there in Springfield MO.

Also at the Red Cross training they told us not to give the spray (that we would be giving out the the masses coming in with the H1N1 pandemic)

to any pregnant wormen. Interesting, Dr offices were requiring pregnant women to take the vaccines. Not one but two vaccines for the H1N1.

(research showed this was a part of the depopulation control agenda. And later when I researched possible deaths of this vaccine, an article

came up about all the pregnant women who died despite having taken the H1N1 vaccine.

Isaiah 66:17 says, "Those who sanctify themselves and purify themselves, to go to the gardens after an idol in the midst. Eating swines flesh and the abomination

and the MOUSE shall be consumed TOGETHER,- at this time the research showed mouse and other repugnant ingredients in the vaccine.

I just ran across a video where by Alex Jones was interviewing Dr. Lenard Horowitz regarding the vaccine agenda/genicide. Please seek God

and ask Him like I did before you do anything; and I promise if you seek Him He will instruct you.


Now is a time to decide and get grounded in who we trust.We can no longer be luke warm in our faith in Christ Jesus. We must be Hot or cold. Do we trust God to

be our protector, helper, healer and true shepherd? (1Kings 18:27 says "And Elijah came near to all the people and said, "how long will you hesitate

between 2 opinions? You shall love the Lord with all your heart. If the Lord is God follow him, if Baal follow him.")

Luke 21:3 tells us it is important to be watching. Do we ask God before important decisions, especially in these times of deceptions and snares,

or do we trust imperfect deceived man for the answers....The Bible tells us to "Commit all things to the Lord and they will be a success." Job 22:21

"Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him; do not fret when men succeed in their ways, when they carry out their wicked schemes." Psalm 37:7

" will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you.

"Light is shed upon the righteous and joy on the upright in heart. Rejoice in the Lord, you who are righteous, and praise his holy name." Psalm 97:11-12

"Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful." Hebrews 10:23

American soldier confirms swine flu concentration camps:


Another sister God is having warn about the vaccine agenda:







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