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 Winter's Grip

This arctic blast has embraced me
With her cold, frigid arms
Chilling my bones, disrupting my life
Bringing me in the Ole South to my knees
Schools canceled, or running late
Snow shovels and ice melt hard to find
Bread, milk, and eggs gone from the stores
Every flake of snow adding to the base

Dreaming of sunny beaches and swaying palms
Tall fruity drinks filled with rum
Sun scorching my near naked body
Soaking in the sun's vitality

A blast of cold wind brings me back
To the mittens, scarves, and fluffy hats
Wrapped in my heaviest coat
My ole snow boots stand at the ready
Unable to think in the bitter cold
Ducking my head, and walking briskly
Shivering no matter how many layers I'm wearing
Held tight in winter's grip

The Caribbean calls my name
Boat drinks beckon me with tasty delights
The cruise is coming on the horizon
Come quickly, Crown Princess, come quickly


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