Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god

The Great Cataclysm On Terra Firma

I pulled the veil down upon
The very pestilence that
Had starved them to the borders
Of the netherworlds.

Thirsting into the stars, they
Prayed for an end to the
Suffering, but were met with
Nothing more than prostituted thought.

I watched as maggots
Replaced thier hearts, carefully
Hidden by a shroud.

I watched them slit their own
Sordid throats, their vibrancy
Draining as fast as their blood.

I, too, would succumb.
Several did and in the clouds of this death
I truly journeyed, to the
Sickness that dwells within
The cobwebbed minds of humanity.

I awoke in an ethereal fog,
Blisters upon my feet, pussing
And popping as I struggled to stand.
All was as I had left it,
An ominous feel swallowed me.

Ensnared in the absinthal air,
I saw no tunnel of light leading here.
I stood in a puddle of timidity,
My bowels would liquefy and
I began to walk the line,
Just like a soldier; just like them.

The wind was absent and I
Became a shell of what I once was,
Now eaten away by flies and fleas.
When the other's ceased,
I was stuck slaying their theives
And beasts, much bigger than I could handle.

No adulation came, my
Exhaustion neverending.

I lay down my sword, ready
For a lariat to wrestle me
Into my darkest dreams.

What I discovered was my
Part as an anachronism.

Without silver tipped wings, I
Was no longer holy, but a menace;
A pest to be swatted at, no
More important than a worm
Wriggling through the dirt to breathe.

With that annex no longer
Existing, I plunge the sword
Into my grave and await a death
That only an angel can experience.

It was malfeasant and more
Would follow my lead, give up
And return to heave and its
Glorious light.

Diadem upon my head, this
Soldier of god went home.

But there was no heaven.
The numinous feel fades, the
Gates remain locked and I
Weep at the discovery of hell.

I could not save them all,
And they would make sure
That I never forgot that.

January 13, 2010

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The Great Cataclysm On Terra Firma

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